The Wivenhoe Metropolitan University

There are four generations of university in the United Kingdom. Firstly, there are the 'stone' unversitites (sometimes known as the 'ivy league', although this is an Americanism and as such should be brutally and ruthlessly suppressed), which were founded in great antiquity. Then there are the 'red-brick' universities, founded early this century. More recently, the 'concrete and steel' universities were built in the latter half of this century, when modernism was in full spate. Of the fourth generation, the so-called 'wooden shed' universities, there is only one example, and that is the magnificent edifice of the Wivenhoe Metropolitan University.

The University, or WMU as it is often known, is the focus of intellectual life in the village. Its erudite staff and numerous departments are renowned as far as Greenstead for their high-quality research, and in fact in a recent government evaluation programme WMU was the only institution in the UK to attain the "Eh?" standard of achievement.

Some of the departments of the WMU have their own web pages, which are listed below. Here may be found some of the papers published by the resident academics.

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